Youth Behavior Modification is Easy with the Good Behavior Game

Youth behavior modification techniques are all simple since children really appreciate simple plans. Sometimes, as adults, we think that it will take huge rewards and a complex plan to get our children’s behavior under control. The truth is children love small, simple ideas that they can understand and participate in. Try this universal idea to get your child excited about behaving and reaping the benefits.

The Good Behavior Game

This is used by school teachers all over America to help children learn that behaving can be very rewarding. The concept is simple. Make a chart with all the behaviors you expect from your child. When they follow through with an acceptable behavior they will receive a sticker on their chart. Setup a rewarding plan and at the end of each week count the stickers then reward them based on your plan. This form of youth behavior modification is tremendously stimulating for young children and can motivate them like you would not believe.

To get started sit down and have a meeting with your child. Talk over everything you expect from them regarding their daily behaviors. Negotiate the number of stickers per proper action allowing them to fully participate and do most of the deciding. Once you have decided the “price” per behavior, get started on the “Rewards Brochure”. Let your child help decide just how many stickers it will cost for what reward. Discuss things like can the stickers be saved up over the course of a month or must they receive said amount of stickers in one week to get the reward. Remember this is your family’s game and can be created to fit your needs in particular.

Here are some general ideas to get you started on youth behavior modification using the Good Behavior Game.

A few expected behaviors to chart:

Saying Thank you, Please, Yes Ma’am & Sir, No Ma’am & Sir, Excuse Me, etc.
Sharing toys and other items with friends or siblings
Doing chores such as making the bed, picking up dishes after meals, picking up toys at the end of the day, putting away clothes, etc.
Doing homework, studying, or getting an exceptional grade like a 100% on a test
Good behavior in stores, or other family outings

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