Why advice of a Bipolar Counselor is Crucial?

While every case is different, just as every child is an individual, one of the keys to a successful visit with a bipolar counselor is to work with a therapist that understands the uniqueness of your child’s problem. It is important that they tailor a program according to your child’s special needs. However, there are some general ideas you can expect from a session with a bipolar counselor.

The goal of the bipolar counselor is met through “talk therapy” to help patients and their families affected by bipolar disorder to deal with negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a constructive and positive way. By allowing everyone in the family to participate the counselor can make sure that no one is being pushed aside, or left behind during the stressful points of dealing with the condition.

The bipolar counselor will stress the importance of staying on medication, if it has been prescribed. Too often bipolar patients will start to have long stretches between episodes once medication begins to be effective and will mistakenly stop taking it prematurely, then suddenly relapse. It is important that you do not take the initiative to take your child off medications without first discussing your reasons with their bipolar counselor. The consequences could prove deadly as teen suicide is common in those abruptly taken off mood stabilizing drugs.

The bipolar counselor will discuss feelings of guilt in both the patient and the family, and constantly remind all that this is a medical condition. No one not the patient himself or the family around him is the cause of the dramatic mood swings that occur with the condition. They will also go over some of the best ways of dealing with or coping with the feelings associated with the disorder.

As there is growing research that indicates that certain foods effect the duration and strength of episodes of both mania and depression in people who are bipolar, you can expect your bipolar counselor to talk about nutrition and what foods to avoid and what foods there are that can actually help in managing the condition.

While these are only a few of the issues or part of bipolar disorder a bipolar counselor will touch base on, it is crucial that their opinions are taken to the heart. Everyone knows that dealing with any issues affecting the entire family is not easy, but the bipolar counselor is there to make sure that everyone remains as comfortable as possible while gaining control of your child’s bipolar disorder.

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