What is an ADD Disorder?

There are many misconceptions revolving around Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Even for loved ones and close friends, it can be difficult to understand some of the behavioral characteristics and impulses which sufferers of ADD disorder display. Unless you have disability, it is hard to understand what someone with ADD disorder must endure on a day to day basis.

There are three common characteristics that most ADD disorder sufferers have. The first is that they are easily distracted. A frequently cited example of this characteristic is children’s behavior in school. A child suffering from ADD disorder might attempt to focus on an in class lecture or assignment, but their attention is somehow diverted to a wavering leaf which may blow into the classroom. For another example, a child might attempt to complete an essay, but he/she has difficulty developing and arranging their ideas in a logical manner.

The second feature is an inclination towards impulsive behavior. Sufferers of ADD disorder may display a penchant for activities which bring them instant gratification. This could include the tendency to seek out dangerous thrill seeking adventures or, most notably, a tendency to experiment in alcohol or drugs.

The final common feature is hyperactivity. Someone with ADD disorder might display a physical restlessness. Examples of this can be seen when sufferers tap their fingers, fidget in their seats, or running and jumping excessively.

Do note that the severity of these symptoms can vary with the individual. Some with ADD disorder may display the characteristics of hyperactivity and impulsive behavior, but may not have the difficulty focusing. Others may have the inability to focus on important tasks coupled with the hyperactivity, but display none of the impulsive behavior.

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