What is a Learning Behavior Problem?

All children learn differently and at their own pace, but some may have an actual learning behavior problem causing them to fall behind the rest in their age group. In the case that you believe your child may be showing the symptoms of a learning behavior problem, you should talk to their school counselor who will direct you to the proper facilities. The good news with learning behavior problems is that there are ways to counteract their symptoms therefore get through to your child.

How do you tell if your child is just acting out in school or displaying a learning behavior problem? There are several things that most children with a learning disorder may present while trying to learn.

  1. Shows signs that they are smarter than appearance in grades based on above average IQ score. The truth behind a learning disorder is that they are extremely smart but suffer while trying to sit and learn the information. Once breaking down their barriers you will quickly realize they are capable of much more than even the average school children.
  2. Your child may have a learning behavior problem if they are noticeably behind in grades, improvement, and academic achievements. This is the bottom-line to any learning disorder is that it takes longer for them to catch on.
  3. Inability to think through problems without becoming overwhelmed and giving up. This is the most frustrating of the symptoms since it is uncontrollable and often sets off behaviors that can be disruptive. It is important that you remember your child is suffering from learning behavior problem which is out of their control. It is a painful experience for them as they would love to snap out of it and continue as normal.
  4. For most suffering from learning behavior problem symptoms it will appear to be inconsistent. This can make it hard to diagnose an actual learning disorder. What you want to look out for is a pattern that seems to appear frequently. It will not be time able, but once you have recognized the problem more than 2 times in a week that continues for several months, you can begin considering getting help.

By teaming up with their teacher you can recognize these symptoms and begin the proper program. Your child’s school counselor will also be capable of setting up programs at the school to include the skills of improving a learning behavior problem. Stay involved and don’t get discouraged, it could be a long road but the payoff is unbelievable.

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