What are Teen Personality Disorders

Millions of teens are affected by one or more types of personality disorders. The biggest problem with teen personality disorders is when a teen suffers from it, automatically his entire family and friends around him suffer as well, as this state reflects onto everyone involved. The fact is that teen personality disorders have to be dealt with as soon as they appear or your teen may suffer in the future. Teens affected by a personality disorder are mostly unable to deal with life and changes that happen.

Teen Personality DisordersTeen personality disorder is always followed by one simple fact; the teens affected with the disorder have a hard time admitting it as they feel that they are normal and have no clue about the disorder. Most of personality disorders have a set of criteria that follows, including the above mentioned one. The bottom line is that a person that suffers from a personality disorder is narrow-minded and they are unable to think outside their pattern.

There are three clusters of personality disorders:

Cluster A involves eccentric and irregular behavior of the teen and it can involve schizoid disorder where the teenager withdraws himself from the society, has irrational fears and avoids people. The teens that suffer from schizoid personality disorder rarely take any actions and prefer to stay in the back of the crowd.

Under cluster A falls the paranoid personality disorder, this is when teens interpret other people’s behavior as threatening. These are very untrusting teens that are always on their guard. Schizotypal personality disorder is the last one in cluster A and this is the most eccentric disorder. It usually makes it hard for teens with this disorder to form relationships.

Cluster B involves dramatic emotional behavior; the most presented is antisocial personality disorder. These are irresponsible teens that don’t care about behavior norms and mostly feel no remorse. There is also the borderline personality disorder that is presented by teen instability and self-destructive behavior. The last one in cluster B is narcissistic personality disorder which is basically self explanatory with the name. One thing that is characteristic is that teens with this disorder are ultra sensitive to failure.

The last one is Cluster C which involves fear and anxious behavior, the number on disorder in this cluster is avoidant personality disorder which is clearly recognizable by the hypersensitivity and great fear of rejection. You can rarely find a person with this disorder that has a relationship. They are always afraid of saying something stupid or embarrassing themselves. There is also the dependent personality disorder in which teens always rely on others in every possible situation and especially in decision making. The last one is obsessive compulsive personality disorder or OCD. They are not good with adapting to new situations and changes, they are incredibly afraid of making a mistake and they are hard on making decisions.

These are the basic types of teen personality disorder that can be seen in a great number of teens in the US and across the globe.


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