Usual Teen Boarding School Boarding Fees

You and your child’s health professional have come to the conclusion that teen boarding school is the best path toward improvement for your son or daughter. Your next question is likely to regard boarding school boarding fees: How much is this going to cost, and is there any financial aid available for a teen boarding school?

Boarding Fees at a typical boarding school can run around 5000.00 a month due to the incredible quality of care that a troubled or needy teen will receive in all programs. Boarding Fees generally include the cost of tuition, room and board, all meals and other care services such as laundry. Depending on the particular type of school and program, doctors visits, and/or other medical consultations may or may not be included. It is also common practice to charge an initial “admission fee” for evaluation and other intake related expenses. This fee can be anywhere from 1000.00 – 2000.00, but will only be charged once upon acceptance to the program.

The good news is that there are various sources of financial aid available for boarding school boarding fees at all schools including therapeutic, juvenile, or preparatory. Before going too far into researching funding options, if you have health insurance check the details of your policy or with your agent, you may be covered for “in-patient” mental health services and if so a boarding school may fit this category. There are also some low-cost or no-cost programs that are offered based on strict eligibility requirements.

Check with your local school board, they may provide funds for residential programs though Special Education Grants and programs. Furthermore, residential treatment programs, like a boarding school for behavioral problems, are tax deductible as a medical expense to the extent they exceed 7.5% of adjusted gross income. With the great amount of financial assistance in funding boarding school boarding fees, there is little to worry about when treatment is necessary.

For many parents, low cost loans are the best and most likely option. Check out these two credit companies for more information on obtaining a loan to cover the cost of boarding school boarding fees for your teen.

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