Types of Addiction

When people talk about addiction they usually mean drug or alcohol addiction, but the fact is that there are dozens of different types of addictions. And the sad truth is that most of us have a certain type of addiction, the thing is we don’t know it and we don’t acknowledge it as such. A new type of addiction, a very popular one, is surfing, or Facebook and social media platforms. There are people that are online 24/7 and have been since they discovered Facebook. That is just an example, so read this article carefully and get to know what types of addictions are there, you never know.

Types of Addiction The most basic type of addiction is alcohol addiction; this is the most represented type. Some experts claim that alcoholism is a disease, while other think differently. The thing about alcohol is that it is unpredictable, some people are addicted from the second they taste it, while others may drink for years on a social level before it gets them.

The next well known type is drug addiction. Since there are a lot of drugs and each one of them has a different effect this is a subject on its own. But it is clear that this is the type of addiction that people fear the most, and for a reason.

After these two hardcore types of addiction we have one of the most represented types of addiction in the world, caffeine addiction. I know that most people think that caffeine addiction is a myth, but it is a fact that caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, in other words, it’s addictive.

And then we have tobacco, the greatest pleasure bearing health problems and poisoning others that are nearby. When you think about it, a cigarette is like a radioactive substance, a nuclear bomb, you don’t have to hold it in your hands, you just have to be near enough to suffer the consequences.

But besides the ones you already knew there are less known and less talked about types of addiction, like food addiction for example. Very popular type of addiction is internet addiction, and I say popular because no one seems to mind. But it wouldn’t be called an addiction if there wasn’t at least something bad about it. What is bad about hanging too much online is that our social skills are degrading. Although some may argue that I will ask them for their opinion the next time they try to talk to a real life person that doesn’t have anything to do with Facebook or other social media platforms.

Addictions are everywhere around us, either we don’t notice that we don’t have them or we are very close to crossing the line. Just think about it, there is a relationship addiction, who says that we are not addicted to being with someone. And this doesn’t mean one person in particular; this is just a desire to be with someone at all costs, never to be alone. We all have those fears, but are we addicted?

And of course there is my favorite, the modern women addiction or shopping addiction. On a funny note, how many men have found their wallets empty during the years? This is a good warning for all the teenagers that are thinking of going out shopping with their girlfriends.

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