Troubled Teen Boarding School vs. Prep Boarding School

We’ve all seen movies where an angry parent tells their teenage child, “If you don’t shape up I’ll have you shipped to boarding school,” or something along those lines. In fact, most parents have probably used the same words themselves in an attempt to make their teenager behave; however, most wouldn’t know where to start in order enroll their child in boarding school.

This is because there are generally two types of boarding schools: boarding school for troubled teens and preparatory boarding school. If you’re threatening to send your teenager off to boarding school, boarding school for troubled teens is what you want. This type of boarding school is for children who aren’t getting along well in public school. A troubled teen boarding school is equipped to help students with behavioral and emotional problems shape up, as well as work with kids who use drugs or have learning problems. The rules of this type of boarding school are very strict, and so is the discipline. The goal is to provide a more structured setting for troubled teens that will instill discipline and self control, and in addition, create a desire in them to work hard and make something of themselves in life.

In contrast, there is preparatory boarding school. Boarding school such as this is not a place parents send their kids to have their lives straightened out. A prep boarding school has rigorous standards for the students it accepts because its purpose is to prepare kids for college. Students who attend preparatory boarding schools are highly motivated and very bright, and are looking for an extra edge to be successful in college and life. Most students who attend have already established themselves in this manner at public schools and are now competing for a spot in the prep school, which can be highly competitive because there are a limited number of seats for every entering class.

Hopefully, if you ever have to discuss with your child the topic of boarding school, boarding school won’t mean you’re threatening them with it, but instead discussing the best way for them to have a successful future.


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