Timeline of Behavior Improvement after Beginning Behavior Modification

The exact timeline of behavior improvement in children with a behavior problem varies based on a number of factors. Since behavior modification is not an exact science, it will depend on the severity of the issues, diligence in practicing modification techniques, and most of all the dedication of the teen or child and parent.

Techniques that lead to immediate behavior improvement in one child, may take weeks or more in another. It is important that you know the basics to effective parenting before starting something that may turn into a much greater task then anticipated.

Keep Patient

The key, experts agree, is not to hope or wish for overnight results, but to be patient and be consistent with your program. By remaining level headed and knowing that behavior improvement will take time, hard work, and complete devotion, you will achieve your goals without causing other troubles in the process.

Track Changes

It is also important to track changes in behavior, and notice even slight behavior improvements in your child. A behavior chart is good for this, it gives both you and your child a chance to see actual behavior improvement – this is great for the reward gratification and self esteem building it will do for your child – and you and other family members will also benefit from being able to see improvement in behavior over time.

Be Realistic

Behavioral specialists also stress rather than worrying so much as to when you will see improvement it is more important to site specific behaviors that you want to see change, set realistic goals, follow the program with patience, perseverance and consistency and you will accomplish behavior improvement, and probably in less time then you thought.

Know Your Role

It is understandable that a parent feel the need to “take control” of their child’s behavior but the reality is you can not do that. By being demanding and throwing them into a world of orders you will only separate the bond even further, resulting in many problems down the road. Sit back, and let them take advantage of the rules and consequences set in the home. Let them make their mistakes, and live the consequences, then move forward stamping the situation as lesson learned.

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