Know More About Teenage Drinking

When you think about the most common problems about teen drinking what comes to mind? An average person according to a recent study will say one out of two, drunk driving and teen pregnancy. Although both of those are very big problems and both of those may cause dire consequences there are unfortunately more issues, some of them even more serious. Just think about it, teen pregnancy has always been an issue, drunk driving also, but both of them together make up 18% of teenage alcohol problems. And we are talking about the serious ones. So the issue here is that parents don’t educate their teen child enough, which is due to the fact that they aren’t educated on this subject as well. Here are some of the other very serious problems caused by teen drinking.

Know More About Teenage Drinking The problem that might scar a teenager the most is the one very obvious but rarely mentioned issue, brain damage. People tend to think that brain cells regenerate and that they can do whatever they want and nothing will happen. Well no matter how fast the brain cells can regenerate, at some point the brain itself loses the function to regenerate, and it’s even worse for teenage drinkers. Drinking in a phase when they are still developing may cause many problems for them; learning disability is one of those problems. More than two thirds of students whose average grade are D’s are already heavy drinkers. Although no one can make a connection whether they drink because they have D’s or they have D’s because they drink.

The next great problem is drinking during depression. Most teenagers drink when they are depressed, thinking that will ease their mind. Unfortunately that is not so, in fact depression plus alcohol is a very bad combination that sometimes leads to suicide attempts. Of course the next issue is that alcohol is the stepping stone or gateway to other illegal substances for teenagers like marijuana and other drugs.

The most recent survey conducted at the Harvard medical school showed a very alarming result. Girl teenage drinkers who drink almost every day have five times more chances of developing a breast cancer than non drinkers. That fact simply makes you wonder about the other effects of alcohol on a growing body. That being said parents need to educate themselves in order to educate their children, just telling them don’t drink and drive and if you have sex be safe is not enough.

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