The Latest Trend in Behavior Education: Parent-to-Parent Blogs

While there is no substitute for the good advice of professionals, sometimes it’s nice to get some behavior education from the experiences of a fellow parent. Weblogs or blogs are a new phenomenon, giving voice to communities on everything from politics to disaster preparedness, and parenting behavior education on of the most popular on most families lists.

Finding parenting blogs dealing with behavior education written by old parents, new parents, moms, dads, aunts, uncles and cousins is very easy with hundreds of blog search engines allowing you to choose based on category. Some are written by professional journalists, who have worked for years at well-known parenting magazines, some by child psychologists, social workers and other behavioral specialists, and many offer behavior education based on their own personal experience. Perhaps the most popular being those of common day parents just trying to make it through their days; everyone can agree that there is certainly something to be learned from every experience of each parent.

According to Forbes magazine’s Karen J. Bannan, “These days, it seems like everyone has a blog. Parents, both new and experienced, are using these diaristic sites to share news and tribulations with the rest of the world–not to mention save their sanity in days filled with tantrums and Blue’s Clues videos. Others, which feature links and commentary on current events, provide less personal experience but just as much service.” Forbes gives a list of their favorite parenting blogs on behavioral education and other issues at

If you are an internet savvy user it is easy to start your own blog encouraging parents to hang in there through the tough times by giving personal insights to making through some of the toughest issues in parenting. Behavior education is essential when raising children with everyone needing that special encouragement, parenting tips, and original advice based on crazy or uncommon situations. What better way to learn behavior education that from those who have successfully raised children who accomplished incredible things in their lifetime?


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