The emo fad and self-injury

Self-injury can start early in life, research suggests that early onset self-injury is common around the age of 7, although it can begin earlier. Most often, however, self-injury behaviors begin in middle adolescence between the ages of 12 and 15. This is also the time when adolescent mids are open to suggestion from outside sources most specially the media. The disturbing fact is that the media nowadays is filled with extremely negative influences that can affect they way children act. One of the most popular “forms of expression” right now is the emo scene.

Emo is a fad, a musical form, a fashion sense, a subculture and a lifestyle.  The name comes from the musical genre called emotive hardcore. The term Emo itself is usually seen as being short for “emotional.”  The people in this lifestyle are usually in their early teens through the early twenties.  The are most easily identified by their fashion, consisting of black clothes, straight black hair, usually covering one eye, black framed glasses, tight, usually dark clothing, makeup is common, but not required, in both sexes, and gender roles seem somewhat blurred, and great deal of androgyny being indicated.  Emo music often speaks of emotional pain, self-injury, suicide, hopelessness, and death.  Writing poetry is often a common trait among emos.  The poetry often touches on the same themes as the music.  There are, of course, variations, as there are in any fad, but the main themes remain.

The emo fad seems to be a bit different from other previous fads in several very important ways.  The emo subculture, in its glorification of self-injury, suicide and other negative thoughts seems to have caused an epidemic of self-injury among its followers.

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