The distressing signs that calls for help

Recurrent depression, cribbing, lamenting

Adolescents might illustrate their invasive grief by dressing up in black outfits, scripting poems with gloomy messages and themes, or having an obsession with tunes which has sad themes.  They possibly will sob for no obvious cause.


Young adults possibly will feel that there is no meaning to existence and it’s not worth living or important to sustain their looks or cleanliness.  They might suppose so as to an unhelpful situation will by no means alter and live cynical concerning their outlook in life and future.

Less attention in favorite past times and hobbies:

Adolescents may turn out to be indifferent and loose interest in partying, clubs, games, and additional past times they once happened to enjoy. Nothing seems to interest a troubled teenager.

Constant dullness

Lack of inspiration, enthusiasm and less liveliness is noticed by irregular attendance in school. The child becomes very dull and depressed.

Communal separation, introvert

Teenagers may shun family and friends. Teens who loved spending time with friends will stay in isolation. Teenagers may not share their feelings with anyone thinking that no one cares about them and they are all alone in the world. This will further add to their worries leading to depression.

Low self-worth

Teens may feel like they are failures in life and this will have a negative impact on their self esteem and self worth.

Intense fear of failure

Thinking that they are not worth anything in life and they are failures will lead to further depression.

Amplified bad temper, annoyance, or aggression

Unhappy adolescents are often bad-tempered, leading to misbehaving with family.

Complexity with relations

Teenagers may suddenly stop calling friends and relatives. Stay in isolation.

Recurrent complaints of body pain and nervousness

Teenagers may complain of body pain, menstrual problems and bouts of nervousness leading to depression.

Less absorption

Teenagers may have a problem in concentrating in studies, following a television program or following a conversation.

Efforts of running away from home

Running away is a major sign of depression and it is a cry for assistance.

Consuming alcohol and drugs

Depressed teens will consume drugs and alcohol to feel better.


Adolescents who have complexity in discussing about their thoughts possibly will demonstrate their disturbing anxiety, bodily distress, arousing pain, and low self-worth with self-destructible behavior.

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