The “Children, Obey your Parents” Scripture

The Bible is the Holy Book for all Christians, and whatever is written in that Book is considered to be the last word. The ‘Children, Obey your Parents’ scripture is located in the Bible in Ephesians 6:1-3. The Bible is a complete code of conduct for parents, children and all human beings, and it is one of the teachings within the bible that children must obey their parents. However, a young child who does not understand the sanctity of the Bible will not find any meaning in these words, which is why it is up to the parents to bring up the child in such a manner that he/ she sees the parents in good light and listens to their commands.

The ‘Children, obey your parents’ scripture has been the focus of a large number of debates amongst scholars, who have found it difficult to choose between the exact meaning. However, the direct meaning is taken in the context, which means that God prefers those children who obey their parents saying. This is backed up by the fact that the Bible contains various other sayings regarding the importance of helping out parents and obeying their commands.

There are strict instructions for parents to bring up their child in a proper manner, so that they learn the importance of different relations and also know how to respect them. Ignorance is discredited, and for people who follow the scripture, it is important to raise their children in the best possible manner. There are hundreds of different guides available on the internet, which can help parents in learning how to teach their child the best manners and also teach them how to respect their elders. This is also one of the Ten Commandments.

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