The Best Ways to Teach Your Teen to Drive

A3_June_PMT_Teen Drivers EdTeaching your teenager to drive is a stress inducing and sometimes scary idea. Once a teen reaches driving age and proves that they are responsible enough to be behind the wheel of a car, parents have a big decision to make in terms of how their teenager will learn to drive. There are two main options available. Either the parents can teach their son or daughter themselves, or they can enroll their child in a professional driving school. Both methods have their own benefits, and it is important for each family to make their own decision regarding the best way to teach their teen to drive.

Parent-Taught Pros

The biggest benefit of having a parent teach their teen to drive is that it is free. Professional driving schools can be very expensive, so teaching your child yourself can save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

Parent-taught driving is also very convenient. Rather than registering for a class or waiting for a driving lesson, parents and teens can practice their driving skills whenever it is convenient for them.

Parent Taught Cons

As licensed drivers who have been driving for years, chances are good that parent teachers have picked up some bad driving habits. It is also likely that they do not precisely remember the intricacies of the rules of the road. Parents who teach their teens to drive pass along these habits.

Parent-taught driving is also rife with stress and disagreement in many families. If you and your teen are quick to anger and argue, putting yourselves in a stressful position such as this is often a very bad idea.

Driving School Pros

The biggest benefit of choosing a professional driving school for your teen is that you can rest assured that they are learning how to drive the correct way. Driving school instructors are familiar with all of the laws and rules of driving, and your teen will learn the appropriate way to conduct themselves on the road.

Some insurance companies also offer discounts to teens who have completed a professional driving course. These discounts can be as high as 10 or 15 percent off of their insurance premium. This means that the investment of enrolling your teen in driving school can save you money each month and eventually pay for itself.

Driving School Cons

The biggest negative to choosing driving school for your teen is the expense. Professional driving lessons can cost as much as $30 to $50 an hour. Traditional classes, such as driver’s education, can be an additional expense. Many states also require new drivers to complete a five-hour education course. When you add the total of all of these professional education expenses, the cost of choosing professional driving school can easily be hundreds of dollars.

Driving school schedules fill up fast. As such, many teens are stuck waiting days or even weeks for their next driving lesson. This often translates to a relatively small number of hours spent behind the wheel of a car. When it comes to driving, there is no better way to learn than through first-hand experience, and professional driving classes often offer relatively little real world driving experience.

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