The Balanced Mom

The-Balanced-Mom-Bria-Simpson1) What sets your book apart from others?

My book is unique because it provides moms with specific tips on how to create a healthier balance in their lives and fulfill themselves as they raise their children. The tips are meaningful and can be put to use immediately.

2) Why should parents pay special attention to what you are doing?

Because the book is full of simple wisdom that moms can understand and appreciate.

3) What’s unique about your book?

It has short, easy-to-read chapters that busy moms can pick up and digest at their convenience. It also has staying power…what you find helpful now may be different from what you find helpful two years from now.

4) What has inspired you to develop this book?

I am a life coach who specializes with mothers all over the country (I coach over the phone). From listening to the voices of my clients, my friends, and myself, as a mother of three, I realized we needed a book that would help us feel good about creating fabulous lives for our selves without feeling like we are shortchanging our children. And we needed a book that showed us how to fulfill ourselves while still maintaining close relationships with our kids. I couldn’t find that book, so I decided to write it!

5) What do you hope to accomplish through your book?

I want moms to know that they are better moms when they put themselves on their priority list. When we shift from being so heavily child-centered to being more family-centered, which includes our selves, we are more energized and more joyful. Everyone in the family benefits!

6) Who is your target audience?

Mothers with children who still live in the home. Although, dads keep telling me they enjoy the book as well!

7) Do you have any other works for your readers to enjoy?

I have a free online ezine, The Balanced Mom, which moms can sign up for on my website,

The Balanced Mom shows busy moms how to fulfill themselves and live a balanced, joyful life as they raise their children. It includes a parenting section to help parents foster a healthy independence in their children and maintain a strong parent-child relationship. The book is filled with helpful tips that can be easily incorporated into busy lives.

Order one now from and be the balanced Mom.

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