Texting teens

Texting teens

Text messaging is a very popular mode of communication these days, specially with teens. That is why parents should consider using it a tool to improve communication with their children. But how can texting do that? Well here are the answers.

Quick Answers

In an age when it’s difficult to catch up with busy teens and parents, texting is a great way to get fast answers to questions like “What time will you be home?” or “Do you need a ride to work?”

Response Time

Teens can easily text their parents in a discreet brief conversation while they are spending time with friends- avoiding the embarrassment of having a verbal conversation.

Spare the Drama

Tone of voice in a voice conversation tends to carry weight- teens might become defensive or avoid returning calls. Texting takes the tone out of an information exchange.

Be Cool

By using text messaging, parents can communicate in the style their teen prefers, and become more hip in their eyes. For example, a parent might send a text to her daughter on a blind date asking how the date is going: “Is he a frog or a prince?”

Practice Makes Perfect

If emotion surrounds an issue, parents can write things out before actually saying them to their kids to help edit their thoughts. By making parents think about it more, texting removes explosive emotions from potentially charged communications and situations

Space Invader

Texting is a good way to double check a teen’s whereabouts without nagging.

Teen Bonding

Texting is a great way to strengthen parent-teen bonds. Send them a text wishing them good luck before the school play audition, or let them know you are thinking of them if they were concerned about a difficult test or a grade.

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