Ten Best Behavior Modification Websites

The web is a great tool and there are several behavior modification websites dedicated to representing a great resource, not only for specific tips and techniques of behavior modification, but as links to more information on this important topic. Here are some of the best behavior modification websites.

Prevention: www.prevention.com – many articles on Child Behavior

HelpGuide: www.helpguide.org – a non-commercial, one-stop source for information about mental health and healthy lifestyles

AAP News: http://aapnews.aappublications.org/ – the official newsmagazine of the American Academy of Pediatrics

ADHD Advances: www.addadhdadvances.com – a for purchase behavior modification website program with proven results

AdvoServ: www.advoserv.com/intro.html – an organization dedicated to helping those with behavioral difficulties

Starr Commonwealth: www.starr.org/ – a private, non-profit service organization working for the betterment of teens, children, & professionals.

SAGE Publications: www.sagepub.com/home.nav – Publisher of books and publications on Behavior Modification including The Behavior Modification Quarterly

Total Transformation: www.thetotaltransformation.com – another popular behavior modification website purchase program

Teens in Crisis: www.troubled-teenagers.org – a non-profit organization offering many behavior modification solutions and programs for troubled teens

NYU Child Study Center: www.aboutourkids.org – New York University’s research and clinical center dedicated to children’s mental and emotional health.

By examining these websites you can find free information and resources on behavior modification, behavior modification programs available for purchase, and everything else in between. It is certainly not our purpose to support or endorse any of these behavior modification websites, but rather just to give you the parent, a brief sampling of the wealth of information that is available to you on a behavior modification website.

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