Teens and Pornography: Be Aware and Abstain Your Adolescents to It

Unless you’re carefully monitoring the sites that your teenager visits, chances are that he or she has seen graphic depictions of pornography, including pictures that portray deviant behavior.

Even if your teen isn’t actively searching for such sites, simply opening a spam email can give them an eyeful. These emails are sent out to tease readers into wanting more.

Chat Rooms

Teen chat rooms are another problem. Anyone can pose as a teenager who just wants a friend to ‘chat’ with. There isn’t any way to regulate or restrict a pedophile from pretending to be that ‘friend.’ Once trust has been established, your child is open game for being exposed to pornography, or worse. Childhood innocence has been lost because of the pervasiveness of pornography on the Internet.

Chat room discussions are often about all types of sexual activity, but because of the codes that have evolved, parents aren’t even aware of the actual subject matter when they do check in on what’s being discussed.

By introducing kids to sex through pornography and sexual chats, sexual relationships are becoming more and more devoid of feelings. Sex is sex, that’s all. This type of attitude results in many young people feeling depressed and degraded.


The pornographic lyrics of much of the music listened to by our teenagers is also degrading, not only for the girls, but also for the young men whose focus becomes what they can get and rarely on what they can give. Future relationships are sure to suffer because of the perversions that our children are being raised on.

What to Look For

If you notice that your son is starting to exhibit aggressive, antisocial behavior, chances are that he’s being influenced by pornography on the Internet. Do whatever you can to limit his access to it. While looking at Playboy may have been considered acceptable behavior at one time, looking at the adult content on the Internet should not be permitted.

Webcams are also an invitation to trouble, particularly if your daughter spends time in chat rooms. Pedophiles often will ask for pictures, and as your daughter starts to get comfortable in front of the camera, problems can arise.

There are countless web sites out there that feature webcam videos of young girls taking off their clothing. If your daughter starts to dress provocatively, find out why! Don’t ever assume that your kids aren’t vulnerable.

Today’s peer pressure is different than that of a decade or so ago. Pornography inevitably leads to promiscuous and perverse behavior. Protect your kids while you can!

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