Teens and Dating: What Parents Should Do?

If you have serious reservations about your young teen going on dates, perhaps it’s not yet time to allow it. Define a Date The first thing that you need to do is to define what dating is. Ask your son or daughter what they mean by going on a date or by going out with someone. Maybe at this point it only means going bowling or to the movies with a group of friends, even though they’ll be paired up. You might find that to be more acceptable than having the lone couple take off in a car by themselves for the evening.

Ask Questions

Try to get as much information about the date as possible. While some teens hesitate to share details with their parents, you can insist upon it.

  • Where did they meet?
  • How old is he/she?
  • Where do they plan to go?
  • Will there be other people there?

What about Sex? Of course, as your teenager starts dating, this is also the time to find out how much they know about sex. Make sure that your son or daughter knows that they do not have to have sex and that it’s okay to say no. Discuss unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) at length. If your teenager resists this conversation, don’t allow them to go out on the date! Leverage your parental role here and talk to your teen about these important subjects. Make your rules about dating crystal clear. If you seem ambiguous, chances are your teen will be too. Keep the lines of communication wide open so that you can guide your son or daughter along the way.

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