Teenage Depression Behavior

Most teenagers will not come to you with large problems so it is very important that you know how to recognize depression behavior. In fact, it is very common that they are completely unaware that their feelings are actually linked to depression. With teen depression rates at an all time high it is more important than ever that you continuously evaluate their development to make certain that they are not displaying any depression behavior.

Teenage depression behavior can be triggered by anything; a break-up, a fight with a friend, a fight with you, or even bad grades in one of their classes. While some have the ability to get through these trials of growing up, others need help seeing the insignificance of these common blunders. This is where your insight as someone who has been through it all will come in handy. All you must do first is learn what depression behavior entails.

According to literally hundreds of studies performed by accredited physicians there are several signs that suggest your teen could be expressing depression behavior which, if left untreated, could be life threatening. Depression typically becomes obvious over time, and rarely shows its effects on lives immediately.

Signs of Teenage Depression Include:

  1. Changes in appetite or sleep patterns should be closely watched to ensure that they are not a sign of depression behavior.
  2. Isolation from friends, family, or close siblings is almost always a sign that your teen is struggling with the devastating effects of at least mild depression.
  3. Sudden changes in grades or performance in extra curricular activities can mean that your teen is starting to give up on the things they once cared about.
  4. Uncommon behavior which can be angry rages, uncontrollable sobbing, or even sudden submission to your authority.
  5. Obvious signs of drug or alcohol use are always signs that your teenagers needs to seek help. Whether it is a depression behavior or simply a bad judgment call drugs and alcohol ruin lives so this should be looked into immediately.

(Ideas based on information collected from Dr.Kopp.com.)

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