Teenage Attitudes

It is normal that teenagers have their own blend of behavior, or attitude in some cases. We are not talking necessarily about bad attitude or teens being rude, they just have different attitudes and each one of them requires a different approach. Yes, there are those teens that will give you the lip, but there are teens that are just set in a certain way, either way they all need some push into the right direction. Well, more like guidance than a push, after all they simply do it because it soothes them in some way.

Teenage Attitudes So let’s see the most basic types of teens and attitudes these days, I’m sure you will recognize your kid in one of these. The first one is a trouble maker, but not in a life threatening kind of way, simple dangerous for your heart, we are talking about impulsive teens. They do things before they think it through, so they first act and then think about it, if you ever wound up with a bill on your credit card that you didn’t make you are getting the idea.

There is also the rebellious type, these teens are not bad, they are just restless and they try to push the limits as much as they can. They can give you a heart attack at some times; they are lovable, but not always. You have teens that are mood shifters; they can go from a smile to tears in a blink of an eye. These types of kids can really give you a fright and a headache, and they can be hard to work with.

Then you have style and friends obsessed types of teens. Style obsessed teens will tend to get everything about them being noticed, from their cap and watch to the cell phone and their hair, they are one of the easier ones to deal with, just don’t get them talking about your taste. The kids that are obsessed with having more and more friends can be troublesome, they tend to forget about school and real issues at hand and all they think about is their friends, which by the way are nowhere near your kid, they are plugged into his cell phone.

The last two types are somewhat of a nightmare in their own way, the silent and incommunicative type which always answers with yes or no, and you never know what he or she is thinking. And then you have the risk taker type, extreme is their middle name, they will do anything that can get them excited and you scared out of your mind for their wellbeing.

These are all kids we deal with every day, there are even worse types, the ones that give you the lip always, but wait… I can tell you who is partially or completely to blame for that, but I won’t, you already know that. Get to know your kids, try and talk to them, communication matters more than you can imagine, for both you and for them.

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