Teen Violence, Learned Behavior

Kids are not born violent, there is no such thing as a violent baby, so how do people become violent, how do our children, our teenage children become violent? Well the answer is easy, but solving that issue is not, they learn that type of behavior from us. Teenagers learn violent behavior in their home, from their parents, in the school and also some of it from television and games. Children that are exposed to that kind of behavior have a great chance to act violently sooner or later.

Teen Violence

teen violence

The most commonly known factors that directly influence teenagers and children to act violently are being a victim of some kind of violence, physical or even sexual abuse. Almost every child that experience something like that has a great chance to turn to violence, statistics show that one out of three abused children turns out violent. Those are the stats for children being directly exposed to violence as victims, but a high chance of being violent has every child that sees violence every day. Teens that are exposed to violence at home or in their school, also children that watch extensive quantity of violent shows on TV or play violent games too much. For a little older teenager, use of drugs and alcohol increases the possibility of teen violence happening, also presence of firearms in the house may contribute. And of course there is always the social factor, wealth, single parenting, unemployment and other social factors.

So, it’s easy to figure out what parents and teachers should do in order to avoid teen violence, but sometimes single effort is not enough. Simply isolating, or trying to isolate, a child from all of those examples is impossible, so what is the best course of action, how to protect your child and prevent teen violence? Unfortunately there is no simple answer, but following a few things and avoiding certain situations should significantly diminish the number of cases with teen violence. It’s very important to remember that we as parents are the ones responsible for teen violence, not just parents but every grown up dealing with children. If they learned violent behavior they learned it because we somehow allowed that to happen.

In the end there is no other way to prevent than to care and to be educated, there are some teen violence warning signs that anyone can see and act on them. If you can’t prevent that from happening or if you can’t help your child deal with the situation at hand, there are of course professionals that can.

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