Teen Therapy and Need for it

Are you trying to decide whether your teen needs teen therapy? Are you unsure of what support is available to your teen?


Parenting teenagers is not easy and many parents dismiss the idea of teen therapy because they simply think that their teen will get past their issues. While that is true for a good majority of teenagers, teen therapy can provide numerous benefits, allowing your teen to develop the skills and techniques they need to deal with stress and issues in their life.

Why Might Your Teen Need Teen Therapy?
There are a numerous reasons teens might need teen therapy, one of the most common reasons is because they suffered some kind of trauma as a child and have managed to delay dealing with it. The teenage years are turbulent and involve a lot of soul searching and personal development, where issues from the past are often unearthed.

The loss of a loved one can be a really hard thing for anyone to deal with, let alone when you are a teen that is charged with hormones. Often teens respond to trauma by closing off and removing themselves from those they are close to. This isolation can be troublesome and can result in teenagers struggling with depression and other issues. Teen therapy can be really healing for teens who are trying to deal with loss of someone they were close to, especially if it was sudden or unexpected.

Bullying is an issue that affects most teenagers at some point during their life. While the majority of teens will make it through bullying without taking it too personally, some teenagers find themselves completely overwhelmed by the nasty words of bullies. There have been numerous reports of suicides from teens who have become exhausted and emotionally destroyed by bulling – both online and in person. Teen therapy is a great way to discuss bullying in an open and honest situation with someone your teen can trust isn’t going to get personally involved in the actual situation.

Most teens suffer from stress, especially focused around academic performance and living up to their parents expectations. Teen therapy can be a great way for teenagers to learn the skills they need to learn to deal with stress, pressure, expectation and disappointment in a neutral environment they feel safe.

How to Get Teen Therapy?
While ideally parents could fulfill all of the emotional support roles that a teenager needs, this is highly unlikely. Adding in the option of teen therapy can be a great way to allow your teen to get issues off their chest, especially those they might not feel comfortable talking to you about.

If you’re interested in organizing teen therapy for your teen it can be a good idea to look at organizing this through their school support system or through your family doctor. It’s important that you don’t force your teen into teen therapy, but instead strongly encourage it as an opportunity for your teen to let off steam. If you push it too hard you might be met with resistance from your teen. It’s important you find a teen therapist who is on the same page as your teen and specializes in what he does.

Have you ever used teen therapy for your teen? Did you find it helpful?

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