Teen Technology Addiction

In the past decade technology has developed considerably, now every kid has a cell phone and every teenager has a computer. We must admit that in this day and age having a cell phone and a computer is necessary, but is there a chance of misuse of this technology or is it affecting our children in a negative manner? Unfortunately the answer is yes, overuse of cell phones and computers can have negative effects on our children.

Teen Technology Addiction

Today’s news all talk about tech abuse by teenagers, or is it other way around. The newspaper headlines are filled with phrases like cell phone junkie and video game addiction. Are those things real, according to some institutions and some states that is true. In fact some states have banned the use of cell phones in schools because according to the newest research children are getting distracted in numerous ways by their cell phone. That is not all, 40% of children ages 11 to 18 admitted that text messages have diminished their knowledge of English language. Their spelling is down, because they are used to typing short text messages and using internet slang like “LOL” or “BRB”.

The other thing is video game addiction, children playing too much games, and it doesn’t matter what kind of games they play, have been known to become antisocial. They distance themselves and there is a high chance of going into a fantasy, an online game can turn a kid from docile and passive to an aggressive state. This is something that should be limited from start, nobody can forbid the children from playing games, but the games they play and the amount of time they spend playing must be monitored.

There are all types of technology addiction; internet is the number one addiction of all. Children that are passive in school develop a totally different personality over the internet talking to someone over the net. That can affect a child in many ways; the first one is becoming antisocial in real life, distancing himself from others, friends and family included. Child that uses internet must be monitored; there is always a great risk of identity theft. Children at a younger age don’t realize the importance of keeping private information private.

This is something that may cause trouble for children in the future as they grow up. Everyone must admit that the technology is the future and our children must be in touch with it, but there need to be some boundaries. None of us wants our children walking like zombies only communicating with each other from safety of their home stuck to a computer.


  1. Monkeyseemonkeydo says:

    I think many parents are responsible for this new technology addiction. As a parent of twin girls (11) I know they ask and nag for all things and gadgets new – the trick is not to fall into it. When the iphone came out, they bugged me for endless hours and days! instead I got them each a NET10 prepaid phone at Target as a trial phone. The deal Iis: if they can manage the phone usage and expenses, then I’ll think about upgrading first to more minutes, then to a slider phone, then to an iphone – which will then be much, much more advanced! So, they are really trying to prove to me they can “make it”. At 10 cents a minute, the phone is not a great expense to me. If they talk about 150 minutes a month each, I pay about $15 for each one. Neither wants to do worse than the other, so they’re keeping pretty much to their limited calls. Though texting is just 5 cents each, they have been trying to avoid it just to be on the safe side. It’s important for parents to get kids started on a cell phone that is less likely to cause addiction – one that doesn’t have all the attractive apps and games and camera, etc. Starting them off on a prepaid phone like NET10 also helps them with good use judgement and to manage their limited budgets much better. In the end, it’s up to the parent.


  1. Masters In Counseling » Breaking the Habit: 25 Bizarre Addictions says:

    Teen Technology Addiction Similar to the above, technology in any form can be addicting, and teens are very susceptible to

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