Teen Talk with Dr. Gilda: A Girl’s Guide to Dating

Teen-Talk-Dr.-Gilda-Carle1) What sets your book apart from others?

“Teen Talk with Dr. Gilda: A Girl’s Guide to Dating” is very different from anything else on the market because it features REAL E-MAIL sent to me by teens (I get thousands!) and my well-known Gilda-Gram, feel-good statements that girls can remember. These are the basis of the book that follows with my advice. ALSO, the book deals not only with girls’ interest in boys, but also with their concern about their friendships.

2) Why should parents pay special attention to what you are doing?

I have the ear of these teens. They trust me and share their deepest concerns with me.

3) What’s unique about your book?

The kids have told me that it’s “real.” They have said it has “saved my life” because teens forever believe their personal problem is a crisis. Most often, the the subject of their e-mail reads “HELP!!!!!!!”

4) What has inspired you to develop this book?

DR. GILDA CARLE was the Love Doc for MTV Online, she has written many magazine columns in popular teen magazines, Teen People calls her “our fave know-it-all,” she is on the Advisory Board at CosmoGIRL!, she is an author of teen books, including, “Teen Talk with Dr. Gilda,” she has a teen Website: www.DrGilda.com, she has done hundreds of interventions on national TV between teens and their parents, and she speaks to teens and parent groups throughout the country.

5) What do you hope to accomplish through your book?

Teen empowerment so they can recognize that every action has a consequence, and they can take the next step to get out of their own way and make healthy decisions.

6) Who is your target audience?

Teens and parents. I get so many questions from this audience that I set up a special service on my web site: Personal Dialogues with Dr. Gilda, where teens and parents can get SAME-DAY E-Mail or Phone advice about their pressing problem.

7) Do you have any other works for your readers to enjoy?

My best-seller for adults is “Don’t Bet on the Prince! How to Have the Man You Want by Betting on Yourself?” It outlines female empowerment in the same way “Teen Talk with Dr. Gilda” outlines teen empowerment.

8) Please include a brief description of your book.

Taken from description on Amazon.com:

Whassup with your relationships?

Do you have trouble snagging a guy — or that guy?

Does your boyfriend not make you a priority?

Do your girlfriends run hot and cold more than you’d like?

Based on thousands of e-mails she receives from around the world, Dr. Gilda — formerly MTV Online’s “Love Doc” — has written a book that addresses teen issues as they really are.

Teen Talk with Dr. Gilda shows girls how to protect themselves from the not-so-good guys and girlfriends, find stable, loving relationships , and prevent a lifetime of unhealthy and unhappy commitments. Jampacked with quizzes, exercises, and her famous “Gilda-Grams,” Teen Talk with Dr. Gilda is a must-read for all teenage girls — as well as their concerned moms.

Gilda-Grams to Remember

No matter what a guy tells you, the only things to believe are his actions.
To have a good friend, you must be a good friend.
Attracting attention is not the same as attracting love.
It’s not important to be part of a couple. It’s more important to be part of the right couple.

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