Teen Substance Abuse – Alcohol

Teen alcohol abuse is nothing new, but that doesn’t make it any less of a problem. In fact with all the anti drinking campaigns and all the education teens today get about drug abuse and alcohol addiction it is clearly obvious that we are taking a not so effective approach.

Teen Substance AbuseAlcohol, Ethyl alcohol or simply ethanol is the ingredient found in most types of alcohol beverages like wine, beer and liquor. Simple production of alcohol caused it to be very popular as it can be fermented from sugar and starches. Alcohol acts like a depressant for our central nervous system in a very short time, as it quickly gets from our stomach into our bloodstream.

Alcohol can be very damaging substance that can damage every single organ in our body and can even damage a growing fetus in a pregnant woman. Higher levels of alcohol can cause brain function impairment and impairment of our motor skills; long term use can lead to permanent brain damage and liver failure, stroke and certain forms of cancer.

Alcohol addiction or alcoholism is characterized by a strong need, a strong craving for alcohol. Teens with alcohol addiction will continue to drink even though they are aware that it damages their body and continues to cause significant damage to their brain cells. Long term alcohol use leads not only to physical illness, but also to problems with work ability and relationships.

Here are some statistics related to teen alcohol abuse that will help you better understand this problem:

  • One out of four high school seniors drinks alcohol on a daily basis
  • The greatest risk of alcohol abuse for a lifetime have people that started drinking in their early teens
  • Teens who drink alcohol are 50 times more likely to try and use cocaine than teenagers that never tries alcohol
  • There are currently around 10 million teen drinkers in the US alone
  • While only 10 % of teens that started drinking at the age of 17 or later developed an alcohol addiction that number rises to horrifying 40% for people who started drinking at the age of 13
  • Over half of drunken driving accidents are caused by teen drivers
  • One out of three teens claims he got alcohol from his own home
  • Most teens claim that they usually drink at home and get their alcohol from their parents

Noting the last fact about teen alcohol abuse we can see that most teens get alcohol from their homes. Parents need to be on a lookout about alcohol missing from their home and they need to take appropriate measures to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Teen alcohol abuse is as serious problem as it ever was and we need to change a few things if we want to make a difference compared to the previous generations over the course of the last 20 years. That is how long we haven’t made any serious progress regarding teen alcohol abuse.


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