Teen Stress Facts and Statistics

Teen stress is a common thing; in the end we all feel stress, some more, some less. There has not yet been a detailed teen stress study, but according to previous research and common sense we know that all teens feel stress, how deep that goes it’s yet to be determined, but it is a fact that over 10% of teens suffers from an anxiety disorder.

Teen Stress Facts and StatisticsA recent study researching the teen stress revealed the following statistics, the top 5 causes of teen stress:

  1. School work 68%
  2. Parents 56%
  3. Friends problems and issues 53%
  4. Romantic type of relationship 48%
  5. Drugs and bad neighborhoods 48%

Most often experienced causes of stress include:

  1. School work 78%
  2. Parents 68%
  3. Relationships 64%
  4. Friends and problems with friends 64%
  5. Younger brothers and sisters 64%

From the same study the following stats were concluded in relation to teens coping with stress for both males and females. Boys stats look like this:

  • Over 25% refuses to deal with stress
  • 23% tries to find a way not to deal with stress but to actually distract themselves from that thought
  • 17% asked for help and support
  • 35% is actively trying to reduce and confront their stress

Girls stats looked like this:

  • 19% avoids to deal with stress (less than boys)
  • 14% tried to distract themselves from dealing with stress and stress situations (less than boys)
  • 22% asked for help and support
  • 45% is actually trying to deal with stress and reduce stress

From this we can clearly see that girls are more likely to deal with stress and seek help, while boys are more likely to find a distraction and avoid to face stress head on. In the same study girls showed that they actually experience much more stress than teen boys, from peer pressure, pressure of sexual intercourse and of course school and family.

This study also showed that it might be wise to separate teen stress management programs for boys and girls as they have very different causes of stress and they react in different ways. Avoiding stress can be very unhealthy as the stress knows how to accumulate; releasing stress is the only way to maintain your mental health.

Luckily more and more schools are implementing stress management programs in the US. Teachers and faculty members are being educated in stress management and how to help their students. If you are unsure how to deal with stress you should talk to your adults, seniors or teachers. For more information about teen stress and how to deal with it there are plenty of teen stress resources online.

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