Teen Smokers, Easy Starters Hard Quitters

Smoking has become more than just a need of one person to satisfy the desire for a cigarette or feeding his nicotine addiction. For decades now smoking is considered as a social action, people get together in a designated smoking area and they see the rest of the world as intruders. They go to whoever has the lighter like he is a king, but that is all for adults, what about teen smokers? Their look on things hasn’t changed a bit, they still think cigarettes are cool, they still find the appeal in hiding and getting attention, both from parents and their peers. It’s very easy for a teenager to start smoking.

Teen Smokers, Easy Starters Hard Quitters Five or six years back we all felt relieved when the statistics showed a large decrease in teenage smoking, the credits for that went to anti smoking campaigns. But it seems that they were short termed, in 2004 around 25% of teenagers were smokers, which was a decrease compared to 1997 when over 34% of teenagers used to smoke. In 2009, statistics show that almost 40% of teenagers ages 13 to 17 are smokers, so what happened.

Nothing happened, that is the problem. Pure pressure never used to work on a teenager; we all know that, we were all teenagers years or decades back. Pure pressure and some anti smoking campaigns and commercials are not enough. Kids see cigarettes as something appealing and attractive and they go for them, it is easy as one, two, three and they are already addicted. I don’t want to judge anyone, I don’t know much about prevention of that sort; and I’m sure there are plenty of people trying to solve that problem and they are doing their best. So since I can’t help with that, I can help with getting rid of that addiction. Which is not easy, the methods are easy but the process can be long and tiring.

I’m sorry to say there isn’t a simple cure, but there is only one way, you have to want to stop. It might take a long time, you might go through several relapses, but if you truly want to quit smoking you can make it happen. You have to forget about cigarette substitutes, most of them are even more harmful than cigarettes. The best chance you have along with the will to stop is to have a motive, something that will stimulate your desire to stop smoking even more. Once you get those two there are several ways for you to go, each person has its own buttons to press; you have to figure them out for yourself. You might be able to quit cold turkey or you may take it one step at a time, but the best bet is to seek some counseling, especially if you are a teenager. Getting heard and having someone that understands what you are going through by your side is the best sort of help anyone can get in any similar situation. Smoking is very easy to start, but very hard to stop, so do what you have to and find the strength to stop, after all, nobody forced you to start smoking, you had the strength for that, now you have to walk the hard part. But trust me, it’s worth it, you will start feeling alive after the first week.

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