Teen Sleeping Disorders

Most teenagers start sleeping less and less or more and more as the time passes. Some teens have trouble falling asleep at night and sleep till late in the afternoon, in most cases that is normal, it is caused by overload, emotional issues, but in some cases we are talking about sleeping disorders. Even if it is not a sleeping disorder, sleep deprivation over a longer period of time can lead to sleep deficit.

Teen Sleeping DisordersSleep deficit causes the body to learn a routine, a very unhealthy routine, it goes until you are too tired to think and you want to sleep but can’t. Your body is used to not sleeping and fails to go down. Sleep deficit causes plenty of unwanted effects like lack of concentration, weight loss, depression and many other things.

There is more to this than just the restless teen spirit, in fact our body starts to work differently about that age. One of the things that is different is the production of melatonin hormone, when we enter the teen years we start to produce melatonin late at night, and that is why we have trouble falling asleep. That settles down with adulthood for most of the people. So this is our first and basic reason why we have trouble sleeping in teen years, but from there on we can develop insomnia very easy, all you need to add to the combination is stress, maybe a headache or any other discomfort and you have yourself insomnia.

Well, this is not something to panic about, we all have insomnia every now and then, the question is how long it lasts. If it is a few days then it’s a normal thing and we shouldn’t sound the alarm, but if it persists over a longer period of time you need to consider it as chronic insomnia and you need to get your child to a treatment.

Nightmares are one of the causes of insomnia and sleeping disorders. Not just a night or two, nightmares are known to cause sleeping problems for a longer period of time and such cases are considered dangerous. The reason why they are dangerous is that they lead to mental instability and are caused in most cases by alcohols and drug abuse, stress, sleep deprivation.

A very common sleeping disorder is narcolepsy, which is when we fall asleep uncontrolled. This usually goes on for a few weeks until the body gets back to normal, but chronic narcolepsy can be very dangerous and such person needs to be supervised at all times. People that have chronic narcolepsy are forbidden to drive and do other similar activities as they never know when they are going to fall asleep and put theirs and other people’s lives in danger.

Sleeping disorders and sleep deprivation are very harmful for teens bodies, over a longer period of time sleeping disorders may cause brain damage, affect healing rates, attention, concentration, learning capabilities, weight loss and weight gain and diabetes and kidney failure. In some cases it causes delusions and mental instability, so these are all the reasons to take your teen child straight to the doctor’s office.

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