Teen Pregnancy & Abortion on the Rise Again

Parents and institutions of the United States spent a considerable amount of work, time and money on sexual education. So far it seem it’s working, since 1990, which was the peak of teen pregnancy and abortion rates amongst teens, the rate has been falling down considerably. And it has been so for more than 15 years. Since the statistics for that sort of thing can be seen with accuracy only for a few years back we have now seen the first increase in teen pregnancy and abortion, the stats from three years ago show that pregnancy and abortion are on the rise by 3%. Well, taken in consideration that in 1990 out of 1000 teens 117 got pregnant, we are still much below that as the rate is now 71.5 teens out of 1000.

Teen Pregnancy & Abortion on the Rise Again
It is too soon to make a significant statement about this rise, as it may be just one year out of many that have been proving that our sexual education system works. We will know more next year when the new stats come out. However, these stats made quite a stir among schools and churches, especially the fact that the abortion rate is on the rise. But my opinion is when pregnancy is on the rise, the abortion rates will also rise. As they failed to notice that the abortion rates rose proportionally with pregnancy rates, 3% pregnancy rise and 1% abortion rise, which is the same proportion we had in the last 15 years, approximately one abortion out of three teen pregnancies.

Since all of our states allow teen abortion the pressure is on the states that don’t require parent consent for their teens to go on with abortion. Statistics show that those states have a higher percentage of abortions amongst teens, while many states that implemented parent consent saw a great decrease in teen abortion rates.

What the statistics fail to mention in most news articles is that the increase did not happen in teenagers ages 15 to 17; the increase happened in teenagers ages 18 and 19. Yes it’s still young, but unlike 15 year olds that just started high school they have more chance of a normal life after pregnancy, whatever their choice may be.

Well, we can all hope that this was a one year rise and that next year we will see a normal decrease in teen pregnancy and abortion rates. Although teens can be hard to deal with sometimes we need to have faith in them, I do, and I believe that this was a one year anomaly that will go back to normal very soon.

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