Teen Intervention Options

From article to article we stress out how important a parent’s constant involvement is in teenagers life. But we can’t bully them into listening, unfortunately for them and for us as parents they may go over the line and that is when we as parents can’t afford a luxury of going easy on them. I am not talking about yelling or God forbid hitting them, I am talking when you find your teenager child in over his head and you need to make an intervention.

Teen Intervention Options
For parents that went through this type of crisis this will sound familiar, but for those that didn’t this is a chance to prepare themselves, especially if you already suspect that your child is using drugs or alcohol. Whatever you do, you don’t want to yell at them. Although the situation is difficult you need to calm down and have a relaxed talk with your family to get to the bottom of this. By doing that you may get closer to your troubled teenager and they may volunteer to better themselves, instead of you pushing them towards the goal.
Your conversation will be quite more productive if you keep these few simple things in mind. You need to show your concern, but at the same time you mustn’t lose your temper. You need to be direct, always watch the tone of voice in which you are speaking, you don’t wish to cause more confusion and the most important thing is to show your love and care during the conversation.
Now this can all be done as a precaution, in fact it should be done, at that time you need to set down the rules and make your teenager aware of the consequences he or she may face if they fail to listen. Now there are two different things a parent needs to look out for, if you suspect your child is using and if you know that your child is using. If you suspect, you will need to look around the house and the child’s room to find any evidence. Yeah it feels like snooping, but you are doing that because you care for your child. You should look everywhere common, after that you should look in CD cases, small boxes, in a plant, maybe buried in the dirt, in books, and even inside empty candy bags and bottles with false bottoms. If you know your child is using then you need keep a track of when did your child start using, where did your child get whatever it is that it’s using, his or hers friends and their parents, even online friends and most importantly the most dialed numbers on their cell phone.
The last step is to get help, now before that becomes a last minute intervention you can seek help from many sources. Getting outside help doesn’t necessarily mean rehab. You can seek help from school counselors, family doctor and of course you can always seek help from a professional on that matter. Getting help is something you should do, there is no such thing as shame when it comes to your child’s health and safety. You can find a few good sources in this article, if you can recognize your situation in this article visit those sites; they may help you deal with the situation.

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