Teen Drugs Abuse – Teen Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine is one of the most widely spread drugs and one of the most commonly used drugs by teens. It is a very powerful and addictive stimulant which directly affects the brain of the user. Cocaine in its pure form is called Cocaine Hydrochloride, and this is an unchanged substance that has been abused of over a century, the original form, cocaine leaves, which is the source of cocaine, has been used for several millennia.

Teen Drugs AbuseCocaine is very powerful and addictive stimulant of the central nervous system that can be smoked, snorted or injected into our body. A very common form of cocaine found on the streets is crack, which is a rock crystal form of cocaine that is usually smoked. Injecting cocaine carries an elevated risk of infection with HIV and other infections.

It is almost impossible for teens to find a pure form of cocaine, which makes the whole situation a lot more dangerous. In most cases teens will be able to buy a diluted form of cocaine which is mixed with talcum powder, cornstarch and sometimes even sugar. But in the worst case scenario it can be mixed with various stimulants, amphetamines and procaine, which is a local anesthetic.

Teen cocaine user will feel very energetic and euphoric, but at the same time he will have increased blood pressure, increased body temperature and heart rate. All of this increases the risk of having a heart attack, strokes, seizures, nausea and abdominal pain. In some rare cases even sudden death can occur during the first use of cocaine.

Besides teen cocaine abuse there are two more types of cocaine used by teenagers, freebasing and crack. Freebasing is a form of cocaine which is smoked and is much more dangerous than its prime form. When cocaine is smoked it causes even harder addiction as cocaine reaches the brain faster than usual, which results in a sudden high. But the effect is also fast to disappear, causing a sudden urge and a great craving for more. This all causes the teen user to increase the dosage and the frequency of use which results in a cocaine addiction.

Crack is also another form of cocaine which is smoked. It has the same affect as freebase cocaine but is much less expensive, which resulted in high consumption since it is easy to get.

All of these forms of cocaine are highly addictive and have great consequences on the user’s body. Cocaine forms a strong addiction and leaves the person always wanting more. If your teen has a cocaine addiction problem you should seek professional help immediately.


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