Teen Drug Use: What Parents Must Know?

Teen drug use continues to plague our country. A study by the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research states that more teens than ever before are experimenting with drugs. This news is disturbing. Parents need to be aware of the signs that their teenager may be using drugs.

If your teen exhibits any of the following, do whatever you can to get him or her the help that they so desperately need:

  • Loss of interest in family or school activities
  • Withdrawal from responsibilities
  • Lying about activities
  • Defiance of authority
  • Poor school performance
  • Reduced memory or attention span
  • Disappearance of valuable items/money
  • Verbal or physical abuse

With the more than 190 million illegal drug users in the world today, parents have to be proactive in keeping their kids safe from the dangerous affects of teen drug use. First of all, they have to be good examples to their kids. If your teen sees you reaching for a drink every time you get stressed, they’ll get the message that external stimulants/depressants are the answer to life’s problems.

You can’t lecture your kids on the harmful affects of drugs when you’re half-sloshed! You’re the adult – act responsibly! This seems too obvious to state, but if you see the following paraphernalia lying about in your kid’s room, in the car or in a book bag or purse, there’s a problem that you need to deal with:

  • Small glass vials
  • Cigarette rolling papers
  • Pipes
  • “Roach” clips
  • Small plastic baggies
  • Small seeds or other evidences of drugs

Teen drug use is a major problem in the beginning of the 21st century. Don’t complacently sit back and expect that your teen won’t be part of the problem. Love your kids enough to make a difference!

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