Teen Drug Abuse – Teen PCP Abuse

PCP (Phencyclidine), a drug known as dust, wack and rocket fuel is definitely a dangerous drug, especially for teens. This article references a history and progression of PCP, the negative effects as well as symptoms. PCP abuse must be stopped, but before that we need to understand it, and figuring out the drug testing strategies as well as detecting and testing PCP is a crucial step for our youth.

Teen Drug AbuseWhat exactly is PCP? It was developed throughout the 50s for use as anesthesia, PCP, or phencyclidine was never released on the market for us to use. Because of the erratic negative effects it wasn’t long until it the government deemed PCP to be illegal. It now has various street names such as rocket fuel, angel dust and wack, this drug is now sold as a hazardous and illicit substance, one of the most dangerous drugs there is.

PCP Effects

Teen PCP users have different experiences and different sensations caused by the drug. Mostly, users experience a form of disassociation of their energy and space from when and where they are and what is the current moment and where, if that makes sense. While at the top of PCP, teens may feel euphoric, weightless or they can even have hallucinations. More often than not, teen PCP abusers can feel sudden attacks of paranoia because of the hallucinations. While teens use this drug to get a special high, they oftentimes don't expect the severe unwanted side effects that may come with it. As an example, an unwanted reaction to PCP or angel dust can include violent aggressiveness, seizures and in some cases even death.

PCP works extremely well in several ways, some of which include the swallowing of the drug in the form of a pill or capsule, or even drinking it in the form of liquid. PCP can also be consumed via injection and it can also be snorted if it is in a powder form. Angel Dust can be consumed in combination with various substances and other drugs to produce even more dangerous drugs, one such substance is known as killer weed! That is a standard marijuana joint which is laced with Angel Dust. The entire process of combining PCP with an alternative drug is known as dusting.

While a lot of the connection between PCP is merely noticeable for the teen PCP user, there are still lots of indications which showing someone that is high on Angel Dust really obvious, such as involuntary eye movement, slurred speech, dizziness, symptoms of schizophrenia and in some cases amnesia. In reality, teens that experience side effects of PCP may turn psychotic up to that point where the symptoms are the same to the people of schizophrenia.

Teen PCP abuse is a reason to be very concerned. If you are suspecting that your teen is using PCP or any other drugs for that matter, you should purchase a standard drug testing kit which will probably be your best option. The lingering suspicion if your teen is a PCP addict can drive you insane. If you test your teen child for PCP abuse you will help lay your worries to rest and you will be able to point your teen in the right direction, one that will not call for the medication treatment.


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