Teen Drug Abuse – Acid/LSD

You all heard about LSD or Acid, a powerful hallucinogen that was invented in the first part of the 20th century by Dr. Albert Hofmann. The drug known as LSD releases some of the most powerful and most potent chemicals that can alter mood and even cause hallucinations. LSD is produced lysergic acid, which is a fungus growing on grains.

Teen Drug AbuseLSD distorts our perception of reality and these effects are known to cause panic and even lead to acts of violence. The form in which LSD can be obtained varies and it can go from stamp like paper to tablets, liquid, and capsules.

LSD ones consumed can last an hour or it can go up to 12 hours with various unpredictable effects, which makes this drug very dangerous. In some cases if consumed in high quantities it can lead to various health issues like heart attack and brain aneurism, other effects include increased heart rate, increased body temperature, high blood pressure, loss of appetite and inability to fall asleep.

The most common questions asked by parents is regarding long term use, in other words, is LSD addictive? The answer is no, LSD is not addictive and it does not create compulsive need for drugs like heroin and alcohol do. The biggest issue most teens that used LSD claim to have experienced is the so called “bad trip”. This is what we referred to when we said that things can get out of hand and sometimes even violent. The “bad trip” can manifest itself in various ways, as LSD is an unpredictable drug which can cause thousands of different effects depending on the user, which makes it one of the A class risk drugs.

Fortunately it seems that over the last few years the use of LSD among teens has declined significantly. If we compare teen LSD use in the past 5 years to teen LSD use in the 70’s or 80’s the numbers are way better, as in 70’s the use of LSD reached a height of 30% of teens having used LSD. Today that number is quite lower, bordering on 10%.

LSD like any other drug has harmful effects, although medically correct by some research, meaning it leaves no long term side effects when used once or twice in “normal” quantities, if used for a longer period it can cause brain damage and as we said it can lead to acts of violence and even leave major trauma.

If your teen is using LSD you should seek professional help immediately.

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