Teen Depression, Is There Someone to Blame?

Teen depression sounds silly to some, people go around saying thins like what a teenager has to be depressed about and make things even worse. The truth is that teenagers get depressed like everyone else, that is normal, but in some cases that goes over regular sadness and goes into real depression. When that happens teenagers can be in real trouble, and don’t try to compare that with emo teens, that is a totally different thing. Teen depression is a very serious issue for the simple reason; teenagers don’t know how to deal with those feelings, at that time they need help. But how to recognize a normal two day depressed state of your child because of some passing thing and a real depression? Once you do, there are things you can do about it, things that will help your child, but is there a way to avoid teen depression and is there anyone to blame for teen depression?

Teen Depression, Is There Someone to Blame? I heard and read a bunch of silly people saying and writing stuff like, they are to blame for this and they are to blame for that. Why does it always have to come down to blame when someone is in trouble? Professor Stain said that when someone that needs help is in trouble and there is no obvious cure for that predicament people always try to throw blame at others, that is one of our uncured diseases, giving blame for things that no one is to blame. Even if there is someone to blame that won’t help your troubled teenager to cope with depression or to get out of it. So just try to be supportive and helpful, by acting like a vigilante all angry you will just give negative energy to your child and maybe make him or her even more confused.

So the question is can we avoid teen depression, is there a way to prevent teen depression? I would like to say that there is, you can do this and that and that will prevent your child from ever being depressed, but I can’t. And that would be great if it existed, because the people that think teen depression is a joke don’t know the fact that one out of ten teenagers diagnosed as being depressed will try to commit suicide. The only prevention a parent can afford is caring from the beginning, which also goes for teachers. The only way to influence your child is to be there for him from early age until he is a grown man and even then there is no guarantee that it won’t happen, but the chances are lower. Adolescent depression has numerous negative effects on teenagers and their behavior, it would be best to avoid that state, but if your teenager happens to be depressed, you should know that the support of his family is the most important thing in the world for that teenager at the time.

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