Teen Anxiety Disorder, Parents Can Help

We all feel anxiety from time to time, which is a normal part of our mind and body. But sometimes anxiety can get out of hand, yes anxiety is a normal function that kicks in when our body and mind feels threatened by something, but teens have a tendency to take that anxiety even further. That is called teen anxiety disorder, it is no different than anxiety disorder for older people with one exception, it can be cured easier.

Teen Anxiety Disorder, Parents Can Help Anxiety disorder is a mental state that makes a person feel anxiety, fear, worry, nervousness, and panic in a larger amount than an average person. That feeling can become so tense that a person cannot perceive anything else besides it so their mind becomes clouded and their thinking is not straight. Sometimes anxiety panic attacks can happen and people can even feel like they are having a heart attack and fall unconscious. There are many different types of anxiety disorders and all of them have one thing in common, they all happen to often, something like on a regular basic panic attacks.

The symptoms can vary, but the role of a parent is always to keep a watchful eye on their teen child, that way you as a parent can see the symptoms in time and help treat them. Depending on the case, symptoms can appear out of the blue or they can develop over time. There are several known types of anxiety disorders, regular anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder or better known as OCD, phobias or intense fears, panic attacks which are one of the most common types of anxiety disorders, social anxiety or the inability to talk with people and PTSD or posttraumatic stress disorder.

No one is quite sure how anxiety disorders come to be or what causes them except in case of PTSD, but they are all treated. Once parents notice the signs and symptoms the best course of action is to take your child to see a professional therapist. There are two things a therapist will do, one is to treat the child himself, the other is to form a plan of therapy and have parents take part in it. The second one is slower one but it makes better results and it shows progress easier, the parents serve as the wall breaker for the therapy to succeed.

Parents must know that treating anxiety disorders can sometimes take time and during that time they should focus on basic things, like nutrition of the child in question, getting enough sleep and physical exercise. All of these things will relieve a person from anxiety to some extent and will help in the long run in dealing with this disorder.


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