Teen Abuse, Forms of Abuse

There is too much abuse going on that we simply started ignoring the most basic forms of abuse. Abuse is not just hitting someone or so called physical abuse, there are dozens of types of abuse, and unfortunately most people just turn a blind eye. Abuse can be everything from physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual, verbal and even neglect can be considered in some situations as abuse. A teen child neglected by his parents or guardians who don’t provide the basic needs for that child is considered as abuse.

Teen Abuse, Forms of Abuse Physical Abuse is the most common type of abuse and the most noticeable one. Any type of hard physical contact with intent to hurt the other person is considered physical abuse, hitting, shaking, pinching, burning, biting, throwing, beating and all of the other actions that hurt, cause pain, leave marks and injuries are considered to be physical abuse.

Emotional abuse is very hard to notice most of the time because there are no physical signs that can be easily seen. Emotional abuse is mostly caused by parents by yelling, constant criticism, and threats which diminish the self esteem of a child and can leave a teen emotionally scarred for life. Emotional abuse may cause even greater damage than physical abuse can, this type of abuse can scar a person for life.

Sexual abuse varies and there are several types, but abuse is abuse. The most common type of sexual abuse is rape, or forcing sex upon an unwilling person of any age or gender. Sex between an adult and a person under 18 is also sexual abuse, as well as forcing sex between family members, which is called incest.
Neglect is the type of abuse that can be very hard to notice and define. Under neglect falls anything from failing to provide basics for a child like medical care, food, clothes, housing or supervision. There is also emotional neglect, which is when parents don’t provide emotional support for their children.

All sorts of family violence can be considered as abuse, sometimes the child is not the one being abused but the other parent, but child having to witness that can suffer from emotional abuse. But unfortunately abuse is not just family oriented; it can happen in school, like bullying, on the street and everywhere else by anyone else.

Recognizing abuse is a very hard task, the teens that suffer abuse rarely wish to talk about that, so in most cases abuse is discovered too late. But some of the sites you can find in this article can help you recognize and prevent abuse at the beginning.


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