Teaching an Older Teenager Behavior Management Skills

We all start out knowing nothing about raising a child and will undeniably make hundreds of mistakes along the way. Since they do not come with manuals offering behavior management skills we know very little on how to teach our children in an effective way. Luckily, it is never too late to guide them in the right direction, even if it means backtracking a bit and straightening them out once in their teens.

There are several behavior management skills that will make your teenagers entry into the adult world much smoother leading to a successful future. The late start does make learning these skills a little harder, but not impossible.

Honesty – Honesty really is the best policy in this day and age. Unlike in the past, we have technology that makes it much easier to verify and confirm many things that are done in ones life. Once an adult, you are faced with hundreds of situation where lying may seem like the simplest solution however, it is important that your teen knows you will rarely get away with it. As an essential part of behavior management you must help your teen to recognize that being honest will put them in much better control of their behaviors and life decisions.

Tolerance – Things in the adult world change very quickly and almost daily. By learning tolerance your child will know how to manage their behaviors even under stress. The truth about this world is we are all in a hurry to get somewhere, and if you can’t be tolerant of frustrating changes you will get left behind. The best way to go about teaching this behavior management skill is by allowing them to work out their own problems even when your soft side wants to take over and protect them. Remember that once they move out of the home and venture out on their own you will not be there to rescue them in every uncomfortable situation.

Humor – Yes, this is an important factor in the adult world. We often get so caught up in life that we forget to laugh at ourselves. This is often the farthest thing from a parents mind but it will help ease the seriousness of life that devours us as adults. Chances are you will not have to do anything to develop your child’s humorous side, but you will need to encourage it. Lead by example and try laughing at your own mistakes in front of them. Who knows, it may even help you relieve stress as well.

Self Control – This is the hardest behavior management skill whether you are a child, teenager, or even adult. Sometime we let ourselves react too quickly in good and bad situations. By not stopping to think, we often make silly mistakes that can cost us a lot more than we bargained for. To encourage self control you should make your teenager own up to mistakes, even if they were accidents. This does not mean jump on them immediately but don’t take “it was an accident” for an excuse. In the adult world, even accidents have consequences so you should teach them this early on.

Teaching your teen behavior management skills is a relatively challenging task. We all want out children to grow into well rounded adults with high standards and obtainable goals. While these skills will help them on their way, your support will be the perfect supplement to really shoot them into a lifetime of achievements.

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