Teens and Family Finances…Much is TMI


The economy is one of, if not the number one, concern of people across our nation. Unemployment figures are staggering and downright scary, college students are graduating without jobs to go to and student loans to repay, the cost of everything from gas to gum is higher than it has ever been (and in many […]

Statistics on Teen Stress


Are you interested in learning more about teen stress? Interested in statistics on teen stress? More and more teens are becoming stressed, due to pressure from families, from school, from activities and from the pressure they put on themselves to excel. Many parents do not notice how stressed their teens are, and often neglect to […]

Sources of Teen Stress


There are numerous causes of teen stress and some of them may not be negative in nature, but even so, if they become part of our everyday life, even positive stressors can become a negative influence that can lead to serious problems.

Warning Signs of Teen Stress


Stress overload can be a serious issue and can lead to various emotional and mental problems. noticing the warning signs of teen stress is the best way to help your teen deal with his issues before the situation develops.

Teen Stress Facts and Statistics


Teen stress studies showed that girls are better in dealing with stress than boys are, the same study showed that girls are exposed to stress more than boys.