The Five Main Teenager Issues


Are you parenting a teen? Feeling overwhelmed by the stress and worry of making sure you give your teen the best possible start in life? Spending some time learning more about the five main teenager issues is a great way to learn more about what challenges your teen is facing, so that you can help […]

Dealing with Teen Anxiety


Teen anxiety is a common teen issue, fortunately there are a few things that can help your teen get rid of the anxiety, unless we are talking about anxiety disorder, in which case you should seek professional help.

Government Resources for Teens


Since the world we are living in is not such a perfect place and we never know what’s around the corner the best bet for all of us is to be prepared for any possible situation. How do we get prepared? Very simple, we inform ourselves using what available resources we have. Seeing how informing […]

Teen Intervention Options


From article to article we stress out how important a parent’s constant involvement is in teenagers life. But we can’t bully them into listening, unfortunately for them and for us as parents they may go over the line and that is when we as parents can’t afford a luxury of going easy on them. I […]

Positive Parenting


Every parent has a moment when he asks himself if he is doing something wrong. When you see your three year old child throwing stuff without reason or yelling his lungs out, or when you fresh teenager is developing an attitude, then those issues pop to mind and that is ok. The fact that your […]

Need Teen Advice? Ask, it’s Not So Hard


Teenagers are going to a rough time where ever they are, that seems to be the trend. Back in the day teenagers were happy and always had something to do and back then there weren’t video games, computers, internet and all those things they have today. So how come teenagers now always say that they […]

21st Century Parenting


With every passing year parenting seems to be more and more difficult. Unfortunately it’s not just our imagination; parenting is getting more and more difficult because of all the new things that surround us. Parenting teens is getting extremely difficult, with all the cell phones, computers, internet and all the new technology available there are […]

Know More About Teenage Drinking


When you think about the most common problems about teen drinking what comes to mind? An average person according to a recent study will say one out of two, drunk driving and teen pregnancy. Although both of those are very big problems and both of those may cause dire consequences there are unfortunately more issues, […]