Individual Education Plan (IEP) for Dyslexic Children & Teenagers


Does your child suffer from learning difficulties associated with their dyslexia? Are you wondering what the best approach to ensuring your teen gets a good education? An individual education plan (IEP) dyslexia can be a really beneficial way to help get your teen up to speed. Teens with dyslexia have their own unique challenges that […]

EPA Environmental Center for High School Students


The Environmental Protection Agency Center for High School Students is an initiative that encourages all high school students in the United States to learn about the environment and actively participate in taking care of their surroundings. It is a resource center for students who are interested in protecting their environment. The main areas of concern that the Center […]

Student Scholarship Scams


Financial aid is becoming more of a necessity nowadays with the financial recession taking place. Genuine students in need of help may fall victim to unscrupulous individuals making promises of tuition grants, causing frustration in many potential undergraduate and graduate students. Below is some valuable information about scholarship scams that you will need to know […]

Where to Look When Searching for Schools, Colleges and Libraries


Looking for a school is one of the most trying experiences in any individual’s life, because one has to weigh in a lot of factors when making the choice for or against any particular institution. Several aspects are generally considered when choosing a school or college. First, deciding on private or public institutions of learning […]

Learning Resources for Students, Parents, and Teachers


There are numerous free learning resources available for students at all levels of learning. Such resources are especially found online, and they can be easily accessed by teachers, parents and students to help aid learning. One comprehensive source of learning materials is the Federal Resources for Educational Excellence or F.R.E.E. in short. This website contains […]