Five Common Parenting Mistakes while Parenting Teenagers


Parenting teenagers isn’t easy – chances are you’ve made a few mistakes along the way. Are you wondering if there’s any easier way to parent? Are you wondering what common parenting mistakes are so you can avoid them? Your child simply isn’t a child anymore – they’re somewhere between a child and an adult. As […]

Does your teenage child say, “You never understand me”?


You are not the only parent with this problem. This a common problem these days. The conflicts between parents and teenage children are obvious. Parents need to understand their teenage children. They need to understand that their kids are becoming adults and the drastic changes takes place in the child’s body and health. The teenage […]

Sex Education


SIECUS State by State from Stuart Productions on Vimeo. Sex education is broad term that encompasses a wide range of topics that relate to human sexual anatomy, sexual intercourse, sexual reproduction, reproductive health, reproductive rights, contraception, and other facets of human sexual behavior. Sex education can be a part of school programs but it can […]

Trends and Changes for Teens and Sex


Over the past few decades there has been a drastic change in sexual behavior among teenagers. It is quite glaring that teen females have gradually become more liberated and sexually aggressive, to the point of being promiscuous. There is absolutely an upheaval in the sexual context of what is socially acceptable and what is not. […]