So… Person Known as the High School Guidance Counselor and Should Care?


Darla Noble with Tim Roettgen, High School Guidance Counselor, Camdenton High School If you have a teenager in your house who attends public school, chances are you’ve either come into contact with or received a letter from the guidance counselor in their school. And if you are like many parents, you a) smile politely and […]

Free Application for Federal Student Aid – The FAFSA


What Parents Need to Know As a parent, one of the greatest concerns you have for your teenagers is that of their future. You want them to be able to realize their dreams, live up to their potential and be self-sufficient (YES!), socially adept and loving, happy adults. But what will the price tag be […]

Student Voice


Student voice is the term used to embody and characterize the specific behavior and distinct perspectives of young people across various learning institutions that focus primarily on education.  It empowers students and endows them with the ability to influence learning to integrate contexts policies, principles and programs. Student voice represents the individual as well as the collective outlook […]

Educational Psychology


Educational psychology is a branch of mainstream psychology which deals with the psychological aspects of teaching and formal learning processes. It is a broad field which involves the study of how humans learn in educational settings, the psychology of teaching, the efficacy of educational interventions as well as the social psychology of schools as organizations. It also incorporates topics that cover human […]

Where to Look When Searching for Schools, Colleges and Libraries


Looking for a school is one of the most trying experiences in any individual’s life, because one has to weigh in a lot of factors when making the choice for or against any particular institution. Several aspects are generally considered when choosing a school or college. First, deciding on private or public institutions of learning […]

Learning Resources for Students, Parents, and Teachers


There are numerous free learning resources available for students at all levels of learning. Such resources are especially found online, and they can be easily accessed by teachers, parents and students to help aid learning. One comprehensive source of learning materials is the Federal Resources for Educational Excellence or F.R.E.E. in short. This website contains […]