The Five Main Teenager Issues


Are you parenting a teen? Feeling overwhelmed by the stress and worry of making sure you give your teen the best possible start in life? Spending some time learning more about the five main teenager issues is a great way to learn more about what challenges your teen is facing, so that you can help […]

World’s Strictest Parents


The World’s Strictest Parents is a television series conceptualized and brought into fruition by Twenty Twenty Television and was originally broadcasted by BBC. The United States’ Country Music Television (CMT) and Australia’s Channel Seven both came up with their local versions of the hit TV series. The primary concept behind the show is that two “unruly” teenagers are sent packing by […]

The Teen’s Brain


Today’s teenagers have been stereotyped as adventurous and harebrained individuals.  They are generally fond of experimenting with things until they get in touch with drugs, sex, guns, alcohol among others. According to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures, 16,000 young adults die each year from unintentional injuries and accidents.  The most common […]

High School and it’s Variables


It is amazing how fast things can change; how pure innocence can turn to arrogance and adventuresome. It seems up until your first year in high school, you feel safe from anything. You are preoccupied with life as how you knew it from the start, when in school you’re intrigued to hear rumors in junior […]