The Five Main Teenager Issues


Are you parenting a teen? Feeling overwhelmed by the stress and worry of making sure you give your teen the best possible start in life? Spending some time learning more about the five main teenager issues is a great way to learn more about what challenges your teen is facing, so that you can help […]

Know More About Teenage Drinking


When you think about the most common problems about teen drinking what comes to mind? An average person according to a recent study will say one out of two, drunk driving and teen pregnancy. Although both of those are very big problems and both of those may cause dire consequences there are unfortunately more issues, […]

The Teen’s Brain


Today’s teenagers have been stereotyped as adventurous and harebrained individuals.  They are generally fond of experimenting with things until they get in touch with drugs, sex, guns, alcohol among others. According to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures, 16,000 young adults die each year from unintentional injuries and accidents.  The most common […]