Summer Job Options For Your Teen

Some teens will find that all they want to do during the long summer months are lay in bed, text, and play their electronic games. For others, summertime is filled with school, as they work hard to catch up on subjects they missed or work to get ahead. For still other teens, summer is the time to get a job. Many employers look forward to school being out, because they can hire the people that they need to let other employees go on vacation. Many other employers also rely on students to run their seasonal businesses. If you are a teen who is looking for a job, make sure to consider these options this summer.

Summer Camp Counselors

If you love the outdoors and interacting with children, then a job as a summer camp counselor may be the perfect opportunity for you, especially if you are interested in teaching as a career. Generally, employers who run summer camps will hire teens as support staff to help college age students work with the children. Make sure you are prepared for long hours, as you may only get a few hours off each week. Make sure that you are prepared to spend weeks away from home.

Amusement Park                                                                                                                                   

If you love the atmosphere of amusement parks, then why not consider working at one this summer? Teens will be able to find a variety of jobs at amusement parks from ticket taking and selling to maintenance. In some states, teens can operate the rides while in other states, a person must be over 18 to operate the rides. In addition, teens are often hired to work in the concession stands of these parks.

Day Tutors

Many companies set up summer programs to help children keep up with their studies during the summer. Often, these programs also set up fun field trips to the zoo, museums, and other educational places. Therefore, they hire teenagers to assist the regular staff. Teens should be prepared for a high-energy environment. They should be interested in helping students with their studies. They should be very patient, as many of these students may be struggling with their studies.


Many schools hire teens during the summer. While thinking about being at school may have negative connotations for many teens, teens will find that they love earning the money. Most schools hire teens to help completely clean the building during the summer. Expect to be sweeping, waxing floors, painting, and other manual labor tasks. Most schools hire more than one teen, so one advantage of this type of employment is that you will be surrounded by other teens.

Construction Work

Many construction companies hire teenagers to help during the summer. Expect to be doing manual labor, but teens that think they might be interested in this as a career may find that this is a perfect opportunity for them. The teen can expect to spend hours carrying supplies and working side by side with more experienced workers.

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