Study Proves that Teen Boarding Schools are Effective

A recent study published by the American Association of Psychologists proves that teen boarding schools or residential therapeutic schools are effective in helping troubled teens get there lives back on track. While it has often been shown in anecdotal reports of parents who have seen remarkable results by enrolling their children in a teen boarding school, this is one of the first documented research studies that proves that such teen boarding programs work.

Dr. Ellen Behrens, lead researcher at Canyon Research & Consulting, in Salt Lake City, Utah, which conducted the study explains, “In the initial findings of this multiphase study, teens whose emotional and behavioral functioning was previously described by their parents as “clinically” impaired when they began residential treatment, was later described as “normal” after treatment. Perhaps even more importantly, the teens themselves later rated their own emotional and behavioral problems in “normal” ranges after treatment.” Jan Moss, executive director of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs ads, “This research demonstrates what we’ve always believed — that research-driven and evidence-based private residential programs can help turnaround teens in trouble. This information will give new hope to thousands of families who have been struggling with the difficult decision of how to best help a child.”

While certainly not for every child, this research shows that teen boarding schools can and do help many adolescents return to their families with the skills and strengths to go forward in life creating a healthy, stable future for themselves and their families. Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of this study is the overwhelming result of success, putting to rest the stereotype that parents receive after sending their troubled children away. This provides many with the critical confirmation that it will not be giving up on your child, but allowing a teen boarding school to give them a greater chance at a superior future.

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