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Are you planning on going abroad, for studying or for pleasure? What ever your reasons are you need to prepare for that travel, and for life abroad. You can’t just pack a bag, grab a map and go to another country. You need to prepare, and you need several things taken care of before you can leave the country. Here is what you will need and what to look for.

First thing you will need are travel documents. You need a passport and for some countries you even need a visa. But don’t think that you can just go and grab those documents easily. You need months to acquire some of those documents, especially getting visa for some countries may be tricky. For getting a passport you will need some forms with DS-11 and an identification ID with the proof of US citizenship. For visa documents and requirements differ form country to country so you may easily check online what requirements are for the country that you want to go to. Big step for you when traveling abroad is registering your travel with the Department of State. By registering your travel US embassy on foreign ground can contact you in a case of emergency, or you can ask for help in any situation. So registering your travel is very important safety measure that is voluntary and free.

The best option for you would be to know the location of the embassy in the foreign country you are in. That way if an emergency occurs you can get help fast either by going to the embassy or calling the embassy. You can register with embassy online and get all the necessary information. While embassy can assist you in many different sorts of problems there are some that the embassy may only offer limited assistance, such as medical expenses. This is why it’s very important to have insurance. You can check if your health insurance already covers medical travel expenses if not you can purchase a short term insurance that will. Or you can get a travel insurance that will cover your medical expenses if by some chance you get sick and it will cover loss of your personal belongings, travel accidents and other damages caused by natural disasters.

When you get into the country the most important part is to obey the law of that country. You must inform yourself of the law, the fact that you are ignorant about that country’s law will not help you in any way, it will do you damage. And behave yourself, because breaking the law in another country may cause serious consequences for your criminal record and financial situation. Their laws might even put you in jail and not relieve you to the US, some countries don’t deliver prisoners to another state. So it comes down to respect and good behavior in any manner when you are in a foreign country.

There are many things you need to know in order to travel to another country and in order to stay there. So before you travel anywhere be sure to inform yourself.

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